Patient Testimonials

What some of our patients have to say about their experience with Brandywine Neurosurgery:

The thought of having cervical spine surgery was a scary thought for me. When I met Dr. Freese and his staff, all of these fears were gone. The staff is very friendly and helpful and worked with my schedule and made me feel at ease. Dr. Freese, he is an amazing surgeon and his bedside manner was wonderful. He explained the reason that I should have the surgery, and he was right. I feel so much better. I am so grateful that I chose him to do my surgery. Thank You, Dr. Freese. ~ M. Canzoneri

After about 9 months of severe leg & back pain, and being informed by several doctors that there was nothing they could do for me, I found the Brandywine Valley Neurosurgery & Spine center.  My apprehension & reluctance to have major back surgery was put at ease by these neurosurgeons.  I am now mending well and no longer have severe leg pain! Thanks to the personal care of these doctors and their excellent staff. ~ B. Miller

My experiences with Brandywine Valley Neurosurgery and Spine have been very enjoyable. Everyone that I have encountered through pre and post surgery were very kind and compassionate in my time of need. There are many things I can say about this place, so I will just list a few. The waiting room was very warm and comforting. Dr. Freese was always polite and made the process of deciding to do the surgery very easy, by making sure that I knew everything about the surgery, such as what to expect before, during and after the surgery. He always took the time to make sure I understood everything he was telling me and to answer any questions I might have. The nurses that took care of me after the surgery were also very kind as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Freese of Brandywine Valley Neurosurgery and Spine to anyone that has chronic or severe back pain, or for those considering spinal surgery. ~ C. Bickley

I suffered from chronic back pain for 7 years.  In 2008, I became a patient of Dr. Freese.  That year, he performed a spinal fusion on me, which gave me significant relief from my pain~ V. Barrett

I, like many others who have had to live with back and neck pain, put off making decisions on how to help myself.  The time came when aspirin, Tylenol and other pain killers no longer helped.  Neither did heat, cold, massages, chiropractic intervention or any of the countless rubs and ointments which are available.  I knew a more permanent solution was necessary because the pain as well as the physical and emotional side effects kept getting worse.  Surgery became the only option.  All of us who have thought about surgery as the only alternative left have also considered the seriousness of our decision.  Things can go wrong and one will never be perfect, even after the surgery.  Thinking about the risks involved can be overwhelming.

Finding the right surgeon was the next hurdle to jump.  After searching, I found Brandywine Valley Neurosurgery & Spine.  My surgeon was Dr. Freese.  His credentials and experience are outstanding.  He and his entire staff were very helpful and made me comfortable with my decision to go ahead with surgery.  Risks and benefits were explained and discussed.  There comes a time when everyone who lives with chronic pain has to make the decision to help yourself.  I am so happy I found and met the staff at Brandywine Valley Neurosurgery & Spine.  They all helped make the decision to have surgery easier to make and I will never regret having made it. ~ D. Palermo

On March 29th 2010, Dr. Freese performed neck surgery on me at Brandywine Hospital.  The surgery went well with no problems, and when I woke up, I had no pain.  Dr. Freese had done a great job.  Dr. Freese’s office staff are great people.  They serve you well.  Dr. Freese can be proud of his staff.  I would recommend Dr. Freese to anyone that needs to see a neurosurgeon. ~ G. Ranck

He’s the best.  Very good results.  Very satisfied. ~ G. Hardy

Dear Dr. Freese:
I want very much to extend to you, as well as your staff, my deepest appreciation for all you have done for me over these last 10 years.

It is hard to believe it has been that long!  Over the years, you are not only my most trusted surgeon, but also a true and kind friend!

Together, we have gone through a few surgeries.  You are not just a most competent doctor.  You ensure not only the quality of your work, but you give your patients, myself, confidence, trust,  and the bed-side manner which today is often lacking by a “modern era” of doctors almost being forced into seeing so many patients in a day.  Also, in an era of the major difficulties you and your staff deal with in Medicare or worker’s compensation insurance, as well as all major insurance policies of “less is more” attitude in the insurance business.

From my first visit with you back in 2000, you knew how frightened I was with just the idea of having my neck operated on and wearing a neck brace!  Before my accident in 2000, I had never been ill.  My only surgery was the extraction of my wisdom teeth back in the 70’s.

Having done major surgery on my neck and lower back, you also gave me compassion, kindness, and expressed a true interest in my case.  Never once did you “hurry me out” or seem to have any interest other than me.  Even in the waiting room or hospital, your superior reputation is well known by your patients and peers.

To lessen my fears 10 years ago, other patients offered support by explaining their experiences with their surgeries.  For other patients to offer this kindness to a new patient was a gift of generosity , as well as a show of the high level of respect they hold for you.  I did take up this offer!

I also wish to compliment your staff for their knowledge, competency, and for being able to “fix” problems with surgery dates and insurance companies.  I have always noticed that when a doctor’s office operated in the same manner of excellence as the doctor, the practice will always have a “5 star” rating amongst the patients.  For these 10 years we have known each other, I have received the best treatment available on the East coast.

Because of this, I too wish to offer you my “service” of explaining my surgical experiences to your new patients.

Starting with my first visit to you many years ago, I was very impressed with the fact that you were not a “knife happy” prominent Philadelphia surgeon.  You have always taken your good name seriously.

Having your neck or back cut open is one of the most frightful things one can face.  The fear of paralysis is certainly a concern.  My 2nd neck surgery, I had no such fear or concern. From my first surgery on my neck to my most recent one, everything you have explained to me from the start has occurred.  You thoroughly prepared me for the best possible outcome in my case, including the possibility or arthritis developing in the surgical area due to my age.  This made for a better rehabilitation plan with all of my providers.

It is hard, if not impossible, to refer to you as a “provider”.  You are a “provider” to me, only in the sense that in my case, you provided me with many long days in surgery, always keeping your patients as your priority, always being timely, patient aware, and taking care of all of my follow ups.

Instead, you are my beloved “doctor”.  Only an exceptional doctor should be called “doctor”.  One who lives by the oaths you have made in your chosen field.  You are a “doctor” who is always available to his patients, no matter the day or time of day.  I am confident in a man who does everything to make me well, or at the very least, comfortable in my pain.

This man, I am proud to say, is MY DOCTOR.  That sir, is you- Dr. Andrew Freese.  I thank God every day to have the very best doctor in the field of neurosurgery!

With Great Respect~ T. Faupel

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